Poached Egg and Toast

Eggs make a great breakfast food: high in protein to give you energy for a while, pre-packaged serving sizes, and also they’re delicious. The only problem with them is they need to be cooked, and some mornings (let’s be honest, if you’re like me, most mornings) cooking something new is not an option.

Fortunately for all of us, there’s an easy way to cook an egg - and it uses the microwave!

The original recipe for the egg is over at The Kitchn and is super simple, but it’s got (shudder) measurements, and is just the egg, so I’ve got my own variant here.

Time: About 3-5 minutes.

Stuff You’ll Need

  • 1 egg
  • 1 slice of bread
  • A microwaveable mug or teacup
  • A small microwaveable plate to use as a lid
  • A slotted spoon
  • Water


  1. Put the bread in the toaster.
  2. Crack the egg into the mug.
  3. Gently pour some water on top of the egg. If it’s a typical 8oz coffee mug, pour in water until it’s a little under half full. (If you add more by accident, it’s fine.)
  4. Stick the mug in the microwave and put the plate on top.
  5. Set the microwave to half power. If you like your eggs done easy, put it in for 60 seconds. If you hate eggwhite goo like I do, stick it in for 90 seconds.
  6. Take it out, remove the plate, and look at the egg. If it looks like you can eat it, you’re good. Otherwise, half power again for 20 seconds.
  7. Wipe the steam off the plate, then go get your toast and put it on the plate.
  8. Scoop the egg out of the mug with the slotted spoon and put it on top of the toast.

And that’s it! Season the egg the way you usually do, if you usually do, and then just pick up the toast and eat it.