About the Site

I love cooking blogs. I love cooking, too, and I have long wanted to make my own cooking blog - but what, I thought, could I offer to this genre of websites that hasn’t already been done three thousand times?

The answer, it turns out, is simplicity. There are so many wonderful websites out there about cooking on a budget, or on limited free time, but they are all either complex (requiring more preparation in order to augment the cheap ingredients) or need to be made ahead (requiring Planning, and Remembering the Plan). There’s nothing out there for people like myself: people who love cooking, who understand and appreciate the benefits of eating freshly prepared and healthy foods, and who struggle just to make a bloody cup of coffee in the morning.

So that’s what this is. A cooking resource for people who, some days, just don’t have the mental or physical energy to slice a block of cheese. For people who prepare a bunch of food for the week, put it in the fridge, and, because it’s not usually there, forget it’s there until they rediscover it a month later.

You can eat good stuff too! And I’m gonna help!